Mindfulness in the Office

Sometimes, we get so caught up with completing tasks and meeting deadlines that we don’t take the time to appreciate our progress. If you know that you are the type of person to rarely take time out of your week to devote to yourself, you may want to consider small ways to implement mindfulness into your work day. What is Mindfulness? According to mindful.org, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”. By focusing on mindfulness, specifically within the workplace, you can both de-stress and remain productive. The following tips will help you recharge so you can get even more done.

Focused Breathing
When you transition between tasks, practice a breathing exercise. Focused breathing will not only provide more oxygen to your brain, but will also ease your mind and clear it from your many racing thoughts. Don’t know a breathing exercise? Inhale, hold, and exhale for one count of four each. Once you done that, repeat the process but addo another count of four until you reach 16 beats. This exercise really makes you pay attention to your breathing.

Unplug When You Can
At work, it’s almost mandatory to use technology in some sort of capacity. Whether it’s designing or answering emails, odds you are you are likely to spend the majority of your day on the computer. While technology has advanced our form of communication and increased efficiency, it’s important to use everything in moderation. When walking to meetings, eating lunch, or even commuting to work, try to refrain from using technology and use that time to pay attention to
your body in the moment. Notice your breathing patterns, listen to your heart beat. Do your best to think in the moment.

Take a Walk– Not a Hike!
In between tasks, don’t be afraid to get up and walk around your office, building, or nearest parking lot. Pay attention to the pace, the stride, and the feel of your walk. Play around with these factors as well to add some variety. Small things like this may seem silly, but they will give you an overall relaxed piece of mind that will reset your focus and improve productivity and mood.

By practicing these simple actions, you will practice more mindfulness in your day which results in a more relaxed and stress-free state.

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Meet Arianna!

At inMark, we highly value our team members for everything that they do. To show our appreciation for each and every person that plays a moving part, we decided to highlight our team players on our blog so all of you can see how truly awesome they are. This week, we’ll get to know a little bit about one of our graphic designers, Arianna Mastrandrea!

Arianna has been with inMark since April of this year. While she may be one of the newest of the graphic designers, the amount of impressive designs and ideas she has contributed makes her seem like an expert. The creative team values her attention to detail, positive vibes, and enthusiasm to help others. In addition, she has a podcast called, ‘Sealed With a Kiss’, in which she and her co-host Stacey tackle all topics related to love. Whether it’s about what to wear to the first date or how to cope with a breakup, she’s got you covered. When she’s not being a #girlboss behind the computer or on a podcast, she spends time with her fiancé Phill (newly engaged!) and Yorkie, Theo.

We firmly believe that the success of our team members stems from their feelings toward office culture. Luckily, we got the chance to sit down with Arianna and talk about her thoughts on the inMark lifestyle!

Q: What is something that you really like about inMark?

A: Out of everything to choose from, I think it’s the culture and positive atmosphere. It makes me not only happy to come into work, but also happy to be with my team. Everybody is somebody at inMark.

Q:What makes the difference between loving going into work and hating it?
A: Being able to go to a place where I would enjoy the work was something that was very important to me when looking for a job. The people you work with and the job you do is what determines your attitude. Both positivity and negativity are contagious…it’s up to you what you’d rather be around!

Q: What are 5 things you appreciate about inMark? Go!
1) The culture
2) Our leaders
3) Constant learning opportunities
4) “Have fun and get it done” mentality
5) The ability to grow within the company

Q: In one word, what is the most important quality a productive and happy team should have?
A: Communication!

Don’t forget to follow us on social to see Arianna’s work, as well as the work of all of our inMark family members!

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Supermarket Advertising: Is the Digital Age a Threat?

Are you the owner of a small to medium sized business? If you are, and you’ve done your research, you’ve probably heard of Supermarket advertising. But what about the naysayers? Chances are you’ve heard plenty of them. “Everything is digital these days, why invest in supermarket advertising?”

The truth is that as long as people need food, supermarket advertising is not going to fade. Not for a very long time, if anything. Why is that? Let’s break it down for you:

Basic Human Needs
The fact of the matter is that grocery shopping is always going to be a necessity. It doesn’t matter if the household of each shopper mostly cooks their own food or if they order takeout, there are just some things at the supermarket that you need to get. Basic human needs such as food, water, sanitary products, and even electronics are sold here. This combined with timely convenience is what makes the supermarket the preferred method of shopping, even with free two day shipping as an option. Food and sanitary products are the kind of products you purchase when your sources have been depleted, so it is unlikely for shoppers to get them through online shopping.

Highly Visual Experience
When shoppers go to the supermarket, phone usage drastically decreases. The reason for this is because shoppers need to focus on the different products being offered. Sales, deals, and clearances capture their attention rather than an Instagram or Facebook notification. So even with technology present, shoppers will be highly attentive to their surroundings. This is the perfect opportunity to expose your business with limited digital technology distracting your audience.

Seal the Deals
No amount of online shopping will ever get rid of the illustrious grocery store sale. Shoppers will likely want to visit the store in person for deals on products that might not be doing well for that specific store. This combined with coupon usage and an overall need to see products in person when buying at a discounted price solidifies the idea that supermarkets aren’t going out of style for a long time.

Consequently, this means that Supermarket Advertising is here to stay and dominate. Contrary to believe, but technology is actually enhancing the supermarket advertising industry. Interactive products, user generated content, and social media can all be breakout factors of the newer, more customized form of advertisement that is always sought. Rest assured that the best way to reach your local target audience is still the supermarket. Want to reach said audience? Check out our various supermarket advertising products to take your small to medium-sized business to the next level!

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Branding Through Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses because it allows businesses to reach current and prospective clients directly. Businesses can also receive invaluable feedback that can help improve the way that they communicate with their audience. Not only can it use used to benefit businesses, but it can also hurt your business if you are not on social. But one of the biggest issues that businesses have is not setting up social accounts, but knowing what to do with them to get people engaged. If you feel like your business’ brand is not being represented the way you want it to on social, follow these strategies to get the results you want.

Understand Your Platform
When you understand who your audience is, you can understand which platform is the best for you. For example, a law firm should not be investing time with Pinterest since that platform benefits businesses that are female-focused and offer products rather than services. By researching successful profiles on each platform, you will be able to see what works well for certain companies. Then, you can use their strategies and apply them to your business. Additionally, you want to start off by focusing on one account. That way, you can post frequently from one account and generate maximum content. Don’t have the time to research? inMark comes in clutch. Check out our blog post explaining the different platforms and their functions.

Be Selective
As you develop your brand on social media, you will realize just how much content you will be competing with. For example, Instagram users will spend less than 10 seconds on a profile before they scroll to the next profile on their feed. Because of this, you need to make sure that every post you make is not only in line with the brand you want your business to exude, but also aesthetically appealing to your audience. When you produce consistent and appealing content, users are more likely to follow you and keep up with your organization when they see you on their feed. Every post counts!

Consistency is Key
It’s not enough to have interesting and relevant content. If you don’t post consistently and at the appropriate times, followers will forget about your organization. Branding relies heavily on repetition so you can get the recognition you seek. The best way to ensure you are posting enough is by making a content calendar. Schedule how many posts you make, when you make them, and what you’re going to post. By creating a content calendar, you create an goal to hit within your Social Media plan. Just like you have sales goals or records you want to hit, the same goes for Social Media.

Engage, Engage, Engage
Once you have gotten into the habit of being selective about what you post, how frequent you post, and being consistent, you reach another tier you have to tackle in order to uphold the branding you have created. It is extremely important to engage with your audience, as it make your followers feel like you truly care about about them. Engaging is as easy as liking their comments, following them, reposting something they shared, or even Direct Messaging them. If you have a particularly strong following, reward your users by letting them contribute User-Generated Content (UGC).

Pay Attention to the Competition
Ignore everything you’ve heard about ignoring the competition. When it comes to social media, you need to know who your biggest competitors are and what they’re posting. Understand the type of content they post, what gets the most likes, and how they are engaging with their audience. Being aware of who could potentially be taking your prospective clients can help you decide what to post and when. The ‘social’ in social media applies to all of its users… even the ones you don’t want to interact with.

By following these steps, you can get your brand displayed on social media on your terms.

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Which Social Media Platform is Right for me?

Social Media is the new frontier in the world of communication. The amount of people that use it combined with the ability to connect people to original content is invaluable to businesses. Yet, despite its high value, the use of some of the most popular platforms are free! If harnessed strategically, businesses can gain major brand exposure, increase client base, and expand upon customer service.

But the sheer amount of platforms offered can be daunting for the business owner. Which platform is the right one for me? Which platform will coincide with our mission the best?

Ultimately, in order to pick the best platform for your business, you need to understand your target market. Who are you trying to sell your product or services to? Each platform has a specific age group that follows it the most.  Understanding your target market will expedite the social media strategy process.


If your target market is between the ages of 18-24, you may want to consider a different platform. The truth is, Facebook has shifted to an older crown, specifically, ages 25-54. It is often used for networking and keeping in touch with long distance friends or family. Because of how viral Facebook became, older crowds began to utilize it. Soon, millennials demanded a platform that was strictly visual and quick to look through as Facebook had expanded its activities and functions. So once these ‘strictly visual’ platforms emerged, the younger demographic shifted to using those and used Facebook less frequently. However, that is not to say that the platform is not useful for exposure. In fact, 44% of the 25-54 year old demographic will check their Facebook more than once a day.


Instagram is the best platform to use if you want to reach a target market of ages 35 and under. It is mainly used for visual storytelling and short video creation, as well as sharing with a network of followers. However, considering that the platform currently has 600 million users, having a strong understanding of what makes good visual content is important. In other words, if your business doesn’t have appeal that can be portrayed visually, Instagram may not be your best choice.


Female-focused companies will do very well on Pinterest. With a staggering 42% of online women being Pinterest users, a wide demographic of women can be reached through this platform. If your company specializes in events, good, home decor, beauty, or anything that can depict beautiful images, you should highly consider creating an account. What is great about Pinterest is that clients can easily purchase products through a purchase button.

When used for the correct target market, each of these platforms can provide large benefits for your business!

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You Should Care About Self Care

One of the biggest weaknesses that people have can be so detrimental that it can greatly affect not only your productivity, but also you work ethic. This weakness affects several different companies and employees, regardless of their title. Whether you are an intern or a CEO, failure to pay attention to this can affect your health, so make sure you take notes! That weakness is the failure to practice effective self-care.

Self-care is the act of taking time out of your day to evaluate your mental and emotional status. If you are displeased with your status, you then perform tasks that will improve your status to get where you want to be. While it is noble to put everything else before yourself, not practicing self-care can counter the work you do. The truth is that if you do not think or feel well, you are not going to perform well.

But life doesn’t always allow people to have the free time necessary to practice self-care on a regular basis. So how can you practice self-care in the office without spending a lot of time on it? Here are just a few ways to practice self-care in a realistic, yet fun way:

1) Prepare a ‘Feel Good’ Playlist
If you like music, something as simple as having a playlist comprised on the songs that bring you the most joy can be a great way to practice self-care. Use the playlist on your way to and from work, or if your company allows it, while you are at your desk. Try to limit how often you listen to it so it can be more effective when you need a pick me up.

2) The Hands On Approach
If you are the type of person that likes to do handy work or create, store some putty or play-doh in your office space! In-between email responses, roll it around, bounce it, and make mini snakes. Even focusing on the putty or play-doh for 5 minutes can easily clear your mind and bring you joy.

3) Bring Your Favorites
If you have a particular interest in food, treat yourself to your favorites for lunch or snacks. This will give you something to look forward to! Things like tea are especially great to use because they can also calm and soothe as you take care of yourself.

4) Eat Lunch Outside
Should the weather permit it, eating outside can bring great calm to someone’s day. If you are outdoorsy, this will especially be good for you to practice without sacrificing anything from your work schedule. If you really want to disconnect, even for just a moment, avoid bringing your phone. Take the time to eat and walk around or talk to someone you’ve wanted to get to know better.

5) Jump Around
Yes we know what you’re thinking, and no, we don’t mean the song (although if you like it, refer to #1). If you’re the type of person that likes physical activity, take 5 minutes to walk around the building, spin around in your chair, do jumping jacks, or do push-ups. As silly as it may feel, doing physical activity has been proven to increase focus and energy throughout the day.

If you can take at least an hour of your day where you do things that make you feel good, by all means take advantage of that time. However, not everyone has an hour in the day. Some don’t even have ten minutes. If you are one of the people who fall in the latter category, practice small things throughout the day to balance stress levels. By doing this, you are more likely to feel better and therefore perform better.

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The SMART Way to Make Goals

Goals. Whether it was to make more sales or to lose that extra weight you put on from holiday ‘cookie’ season, everyone can relate to making a plan and wanting to achieve it. Setting goals and feeling a sense of achievement is inherent in human behavior, which is why you’ll hear the word constantly both in the workplace and in life in general.

So why do we need to accomplish goals? Achievement is needed in order to survive. An example of this can be taken from infants. Learning to walk is an achievement needed in order to become independent. Infants learn what is expected of them through observing others and then, when the time is right, they decide it’s time for them to learn. Then they try, fall, fall again, and fall some more. Then, after some bruises and close calls, they succeed. And once they’ve walked everywhere -some to places they shouldn’t be going- they start running. They keep building off of their last achievement and continue learning and growing.

But if you’re reading this, odds are you are no longer an infant. So why is it that it seems harder to achieve goals now, especially since we have become the independent beings that we looked up to as infants?  How many times have you successfully made a goal yet failed to follow through to the end?

The fact of the matter is that most people these days actually accomplish very little. We live in a culture full of multi-tasking and taking on too many projects. Rarely do we pick one thing, focus all of our energy on it, and work at it until its end. In order to gain a sense of fulfillment, completion of goals is necessary. The answer to completing goals is by creating them through the SMART goal method. By following these steps, you will be well on your way to happiness and achievement in no time.


When creating your goal, the first thing you want to do is make sure it is one that is clear and specific. It should be something that can be understood by anyone who reads or asks about it. If not clear and specific, it is easy to lose motivation and focus. When creating your goal, it’s important that it can answer these 5 ‘W’ questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Why is the goal important?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where is it located?
  • Which resources or limits are involved?


After you have made your goal specific, the next step is to make it measurable. You want to have an idea of how you will be able to tell if you are progressing during the goal journey. If able to measure success throughout the process, not only will you be able to see where all of your hard work is going, but you’ll also be more motivated to complete it since your mind will think you are closer to the finish line.


In order to have a positive relationship with the goal you have set up, as well as the future goals you will set up, you want to make sure that your goal is achievable. At the same time, you want to make sure that your goal is also a challenge for yourself and something you really have to work for. If the goal is too easy to complete, personal growth and resiliency do not have the opportunity to increase. Goals are meant to challenge and progress. They are never meant to halt progress.


You want to make sure you are working toward your goal. However, you also need to consider the timing and where you are in your journey. In addition to this, you also want to look at who will benefit from it other than you. If others are involved, are you still the right person to be completing it? Could someone else get it done who has a better chance of completing it? Ultimately, when creating your goal, consider if it is worthwhile, if the timing is right, if you are the right person to complete it, or if the economy is right.


The last thing you want to consider when creating your goal is that you want to make it time-bound. What this means is that there is a timeline with your goal, including when you complete it. Ultimately what this does is that it keeps you on track but also prevents everyday tasks from taking priority over your journey to goal completion.

The beauty about the SMART goal is that its steps are general enough to be applied to any area of your life. If you follow these simple requirements when drafting your goal, you’ll find yourself on the road to achievement in no time.

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The Importance of Work Atmosphere

If you work the average 9am-5pm job, you spend most of your day at work than you do at home. Therefore, the tone your work environment not only frames how your work day is going to go, but also how your day in general will go. Numerous studies have found that the work environment is the most important factor that contributes to overall employee satisfaction. Aside from employee satisfaction, work atmosphere can also affect job performance. Poor work atmosphere can not only slow down productivity, but it can increase unwillingness to work well with others, weaken work ethic, and increase the thought of resigning from the organization. However, in positive work atmospheres, not only does productivity increase, but people are more likely to make less mistakes. So what separates a good work environment from a bad one?

Team Unity
Positive work atmospheres will almost always have a strong sense of team unity. What does team unity look like? Examples of a team unity include but are not limited to participating in team-bonding activities willingly, celebrate each others’ birthdays or other big life events, etc. When you feel like you are not just working for yourself, but for other people that you care about, you’re more likely to want to perform better.

Effective Communication
There is a very important difference between communication and effective communication. Organizations that have effective communication are not only perceptive to whatever message is sent to them, but also take action based on whatever the received message is. After this, the receiver will then communicate with the message sender to continue the never-ending communication loop. Effective communicators also deliver messages with the applicable and appropriate tone needed. By ensuring messages are clear while also being delivered in a direct yet pleasant manner, teams are less likely to miscommunicate or resent each other.

There’s no greater catalyst of positivity than recognition. When supervisors or even peers take the time to reflect and note the accomplishments of one, it tells that person that their work is not unnoticed. In fact, it tells that person that they are being observed and acknowledged for putting extra effort into something. By receiving recognition, employees are more likely to want to continue their efforts to keep working hard. For those who do not receive recognition while others do, perhaps that individual will hold themselves accountable and work harder in order to meet the work ethic of others. Positivity, like negativity, is contagious, and recognition is a great way to spread it throughout your work atmosphere.

If you notice that your workspace is missing one or more of these components, don’t despair! All of these can be kickstarted by your efforts to improve your work atmosphere! By setting an example for others, you are already increasing your chances of improving your environment. Generally, people want to like the place they work in. You may be surprised on how much your fellow peers will appreciate you taking initiative!

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Understanding Supermarket Advertising

It’s important to understand the type of result you gain from investing in Supermarket Advertising.  It is not uncommon to hear the ‘doubters’ question how exactly Supermarket Advertising is effective. The problem with assuming its ineffectiveness lies in the misconception of the purpose Supermarket Advertising serves. Luckily, we’re here to break down those misconceptions and reveal the truth behind the effects of Supermarket Advertising!

Direct-Response Marketing

Odds are that when you ask people outside of advertising what kind of results a good ad should have, they will often describe the effects of direct-response. When you hear direct-response you think of conversion. A Direct-Response focused-marketer will want to offer something in exchange for something else. While conversions are typically higher with direct-response focused advertising due to the nature of the ad, it does not do well in bringing in the metrics for response-rate. The truth is that Direct-Response only taps into the consumers ‘buy’ mode. In reality, effective and efficient advertising taps into ‘buy’ mode, as well as awareness, branding, and others.  

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is the sector in which supermarket ads are the most effective. The goal of a supermarket ad is not so much to sell, but to inform. When a company focuses on branding, they understand that the objective of the ad is to aid the client in choosing one company or individual over another. By utilizing Supermarket ads, the company or individual investing understands that they are making their services recognizable by having consumers repeatedly observing their ads in a space that they visit at least 2x a week. Then, when it comes time for the consumer to use a service or provider, the likelihood of choosing the Supermarket investor over their competition is higher because that consumer will have built a subconscious relationship with that provider. Branding brings overall awareness to a company which is vital for public relations, social media, and many other sectors within running a business.

As quoted by marketing expert Jason Falls, “Think of the two types of brand communications like this: Direct-Response Marketing helps people buy. Brand Marketing helps people choose.”

However, something worth noting is that Brand Marketing can also be used to get people to buy once you have established a relationship with the consumer where they chose you over others. Basically, it’s more likely to get customer retention through Brand Marketing than with Direct-Response Marketing.

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InMark Media Welcomes Graphic Design Intern Thomas Piacquadio

InMark Media is pleased to welcome, Thomas Piacquadio, one of inMark Media’s newest Graphic Design Interns. Thomas is currently finishing his undergraduate at Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, NY. He is driven to continue pursuing a  career in the Marketing Communications and Graphic design while studying to get his Masters degree in May 2019. His background in graphic design and digital media make him a strong asset to the inMark Media team.

Thomas is a driven, creative, and dedicated full time student. He also works part-time for the Manhattanville School of Business on campus. When not working or studying,  he uses his creativity to create amazing baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. In addition, he is an expert at taking care of his white Siberian Husky, Kido. He also likes to keep up to date on the latest tech trends.

“Staying up to date on the newest tech and constantly learning gives me the edge I need to succeed in furthering my career. I always want to better myself, in any way possible.”

Thomas looks forward to executing ideas from concept through production and coordinating with marketing managers and internal clients. Moreover, Thomas appreciates being able to work with such creative talented people. He appreciates how open, collaborative and driven the team is and how he loves the relaxed comfortable work space.  He feels that everyone encourages you to share your ideas. They want you to get involved, voice your opinion and make things happen. “Not only do they want you to share your ideas and your life experiences to their company, but they want you to take away and learn as much as possible from your experience here.”

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